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The most cost effective methods to boost Website TRAFFIC

One of the easiest ways to attract new business is getting more visitors to your website. Increasing traffic to your website can be the most cost-effective way to increase your sales, which means you need a solid strategy for growing your online audience.

Why More Website Traffic?

Website traffic is both an important indicator and driver of business growth. It can help you to:
• Test  the quality of your marketing strategies  is working.
• Collect  insights about your audience to make decisions.
• Enhance  your SEO and search engine credibility.
• Generate more leads, increase conversions, and get more customers.


To  achieve these benefits requires driving traffic to your website the right way, and a focus on driving traffic.

Here I want to share with you my experience in how I boosted my website traffic and enhancing my alexa rank from more than 4 million to 2 million within 3 weeks only. There are two ways to do so I will categories them as FREE traffic and QUALITY  traffic .


Starting with Free methods the are mainly 4  Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website.

  1. Social Media

social media

It’s an effective but a long term and time consuming strategy and it’s the most recommended to start with. It’s clear that many small businesses now use social media to help drive traffic to their websites, mainly Facebook and YouTube. When using social media to drive traffic, the key point is to make sure you keep a consistent posting schedule and share content from other pages as well as your own. Its not completely necessary to share only your content citing might be helpful to build trust.


  1. Content Blogs


Creating and posting evergreen content helps you establish your authority in a particular subject, which is critical for attracting new customers. Rather than keeps your website fresh for visitors, with blogging every  page you add to your site helps increase your visibility on search engines. To further help your SEO, you should be embedding links and keywords specific to your industry in all of your content.


  1. Guest Posting

guest post

Writing for someone else’s can give you a large sudden boost in traffic (since you’re tapping into an entirely new audience) but can require lots of work to set up. You’ll need to network with and earn the trust of the outlet you’re trying to write for. Creating a relationship with someone in your field and guest writing for his or her audience is much more fruitful.


  1. Landing Pages

landing page

Landing pages are another free source of traffic to your website. These are pages specific to your offers, such as for redeeming a discount code, downloading a free guide, or starting a free trial. Because landing pages are so specific, you can get very targeted in your messaging, increasing the traffic coming to those pages. This method gives you an effective email list to do email marketing.


Going to Quality “PAID” traffic, this type of traffic will give you a quick enhancement and high quality targeted traffic so you have to pay instead of this benefits.


Here is the best paid advertising places for small business.


  1. Google Adwords


AdWords are a traditional paid traffic source that still offers huge potential rewards, though the cost per click is often high. The basic concept is that you choose keywords that you think your potential customers will search. AdWords has gotten way more sophisticated as the online advertising world has evolved. AdWords also offers the ability to make bid adjustments by device, target users by geographic area or demographic group, and retarget people who have engaged with your website before. The more specifically you can target your AdWords, the higher chance you have of success.



2.       Facebook Ads

facebook ads

For small businesses entrepreneurs, Facebook advertising is the best place to get an easy traffic. Facebook advertising is a must for anyone paying for traffic. But Facebook has a variety of options, and they’re changing constantly. The traffic quality depends on how much you specified your audience. You can create static or dynamic campaigns, small or big campaigns, retargeting campaigns, campaigns with a huge spend or campaigns with a tiny spend. Depending  on your audience volume and demography. If you want to start with social media ads, see if you can get some free ad coupons to start and avoid paying money for your early mistakes.

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